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Data Conversion is at the heart of every real world interface, connecting analog to digital and digital
to analog, enabling the
digital revolution.

Founded in 2004 by industry veterans who previously held managerial and technical leadership roles at Broadcom, Qualcomm, and NXP, IQ-Analog is a privately held corporation focused on the development of semiconductor products leveraging our novel DIGITAL DATA CONVERSION technology.

Patents: 39 granted
Location: San Diego, CA

IQ-Analog Patents:

US8654000, US8711026, US8878577, US9019137, US8760335, US8928513, US8917124, US8957796, US8917125, US9030340, US9007243, US9007108,US9048858, US9098072, US9258004, US9035810, US9178528, US9281834, US9323226, US9831888, US10110409, US9912344, US10033398, US10291226, US10333524, US9979582, US10305487, US10348263, US10418976, US10461764, US10498350, US10644717,US10962933, US11012083, US11405000, US11444819, US11483005, US11502645, ... 

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