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IQ-Analog Secures Strategic Investment from Lockheed Martin

by Mike Kappes on January 20, 2017 in News

Bethesda, MD- October 21, 2016- Lockheed Martin Ventures, the venture capital arms of Lockheed Martin, has led a series-B investment round with IQ-Analog Corporation, a semiconductor company focused on designing next generation, ultra-high-speed RF/analog to digital signal conversion, generally referred
to as data conversion. This is Lockheed Martin Ventures' first investment using their
$100M fund targeting disruptive technology companies that complement
Lockheed Martin platforms. 

Data conversion is the bridge between seniors (i.e. radar, radios, optics etc.) and digital signal processing (DSP) and is required in nearly every Lockheed Martin product. "This investment enhances Lockheed Martin's data conversion capability and also helps strengthen IQ-Analog's growth potential," said Chris Moran, Lockheed Martin Ventures vice president. "IQ-Analog's patented technology has tremendous potential for both defense and non-defense applications and we look forward to working with their mature R&D team as they look to expand into emerging commercial markets in 5G wireless communications, Internet of Things (IoT), and automotive radar."

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