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IQ-Analog Empowers NXP High-Performance SoC Solutions for the 5G Market

by Admin on January 16, 2020 in PR Newswire

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- IQ-Analog Corporation today announced its patented Traveling Pulse Wave Quantization technology enables advanced data conversion in NXP® Semiconductors' recently announced Layerscape® Access family of fully programmable baseband products for 5G
Access Edge systems.

Emerging 5G systems can support more than 10 times greater bandwidth per antenna and require more than 10 times the number of antenna elements over
prior LTE systems, resulting in more than 100 times greater demands on the data conversion interfaces. This bottleneck was addressed by IQ-Analog in the development of a fundamentally unique approach to high speed data conversion known as Traveling Pulse Wave Quantization® or TPWQ. TPWQ was initially developed and demonstrated to customers in 2017 and was shown to offer 50
times lower cost and four times lower power consumption than commercially available systems. 

"IQ-Analog's FinFET technologies enable emerging 5G networking solutions,
as well as provide compelling architectural advantages in 4G LTE-Advanced
network deployments supporting massive MIMO and active antenna systems (AAS)
with unprecedented enhanced multi-beamforming and tracking. This affords
systems with significantly lower cost, power consumption, and die size over competitive solutions for macro cell base-stations, small cell access points and customer premises equipment (CPE). IQ-Analog is also commencing engagements with mobile handset SoC suppliers for 5G transceiver user
equipment (UE) solutions," said Dr. George Chrisikos, Chief Operating Officer,
IQ-Analog Corporation. 

"Our recently announced Layerscape Access processors offer the flexibility and performance required to enable rapid 5G deployments. By integrating IQ-Analog's 4 and 16 Giga-sample per second (Gsps) high-speed converter technology,
we are also able to deliver a more differentiated 5G solution for our OEM customers," said Tareq Bustami, senior vice president and general manager of NXP's Digital Networking Solutions. "The performance benefits of these highly integrated solutions manifest in scalable architectures for small cell and mmWave products." 

"Data converters are the bridge between antenna panels and digital processors. Efficient high-speed data converter technology is the dominant barrier limiting
the expansion of 5G equipment. Our patented Traveling Pulse Wave Quantization technology offers fundamental advantages over commercially available
high-speed data conversion systems. Matured in FinFET CMOS, our technology allows for cost effective monolithic integration of high-speed data conversion
and digital signal processing as exemplified in our wideband transceiver products and NXP's Layerscape Access family of 5G processors," said Michael Kappes,
CEO, IQ-Analog Corporation. 

For more information:
Randy Wayland
Tel: +1-858-200-0388


IQ-Analog Corporation is a leading developer of wideband transceiver products servicing markets for advanced wireless communications and radar systems.
With over a decade of research and development our novel approach to high speed data conversion, using temporal-domain signal processing, is at the core of a new class of integrated circuits performing digital antenna processing with unprecedented performance and power efficiency. IQ-Analog is headquartered in San Diego, California. Learn more at  

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