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5G Networking


Tomorrow's networks will use Digital Beamforming
Antennas to offer ubiquitous connectivity
with mobility. With Digital Beamforming, signals
can be channeled precisely to the intended
recipient improving reception while improving
security. A centralized cloud-based network
will scale with demand while utilizing remote
radio front ends as distributed sensors
that connect with automobiles, handsets, and
of course each other. Signal processing at the
edge will demand new Edge Transceivers™ components that properly interpret signals and manage local connectivity using adaptable
Digital Beamforming Antenna Systems.



Data converters are at the heart of wireless communications
systems enabling higher data rates to meet the insatiable
demand of faster more efficient networks. Wireless infrastructure systems operate with greater performance and efficiency
using our configurable data converter technology that allows for
field programmable performance or power tradeoffs.


Today's 4G systems using MIMO radio technology use just
4 antenna elements. Emerging 5G systems will require
Digital Beamforming antenna panels that use 64 or more antenna elements. With elemental digital beam forming, there is data conversion at every element thereby requiring ≥16X
more data conversion circuitry. Power and area efficient data conversion technology is the bottleneck to realize these
future systems. IQ-Analog's FULL-SPECTRUM CONVERSION technology meets the demands of 5G networks with
>4X better power efficiency than conventional systems.



Emerging low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite
constellations will offer data communications
traffic anywhere on the planet with 200x less
latency than existing geosynchronous satellites.
Due to the nature of their orbit, the satellites
will travel across the sky at around 18,000 mph.
The challenge for the industry is to produce
low-cost Digital Beamforming antenna arrays
that can track the satellites as they traverse
the sky. IQ-Analog's antenna processors using
Full Spectrum Conversion™ technology are
optimally suited for this task.



Next generation military radar systems will utilize Antenna Processor Units (APUs) that enable elemental digital beam forming with
FULL-SPECTRUM CONVERSION at every element. This will bring the full power of modern digital signal processing to every
antenna element and usher in a new age of ALL-DIGITAL RADAR.



FULL-SPECTRUM CONVERSION enables direct digital signal processing of radio signals to arbitrarily define carrier frequencies, bandwidths, modulation, demodulation, etc. and open a new frontier for Software Defined Radios (SDRs).



FULL-SPECTRUM CONVERSION enables greater bandwidth
and more complex modulation of optical signals to push
the boundaries of optical transport and offer more efficient and capable fiber optic networks.

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