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Darpa Awards IQ-Analog a $4.5M Contract

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded IQ-Analog Corporation a $4.5M contract to develop and validate a new analogto digital converter (ADC) architecture. IQ-Analog is tasked with development of an ADC prototype in 14nm CMOS with Full Spectrum Conversion™ capability that promises to enhance military radar systems and revolutionize phased array antennas. The revolutionary new architecture uses a new patented innovation known as "Traveling Pulse Wave Quantization" to increase the effective data rate of the conversion process with less than half the power of existing approaches. A future prototype will operate at sample rates over 60-GHz and will be able to capture the entire electromagnetic spectrum up to 30-GHz. The ADC will be fabricated in GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 14nm FinFET CMOS process. IQ-Analog is a private semiconductor company founded in 2004 in San Diego, California, focused on high-speed data converter technology.


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