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Intellectual Property (IP) Cores

More Performance

Less Power

Our digital transceiver technology offers fundamentally lower power and cost advantages that result in higher performance and lower cost system solutions. We have addressed the needs of the future, looking
Beyond What's Next to bring the promise of both Defense Radar and Commercial 5G infrastructure to market faster. We offer the most advanced digital transceiver technology in the world, and we are just getting started.

IQ-Analog offer's the world's highest performance
data conversion IP cores. Our cores are often provisioned as part of larger multi-core macros
that combine Analog-to-Digital Conversion, 
Digital-to-Analog Conversion, Phased Locked Loops (PLLs), Power Supply Regulation, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and other mixed-signal functions
into one macro. These macros are complete mixed signal solutions that customers license and integrate into their own System-on-Chip (SoC) products.

Bare Die Integrated Circuits (Chiplets)

IQ-Analog has developed silicon products that
leverage our IP macros for use in System-in-Package (SiP) Solutions that aggregate multiple bare die
silicon products.

Packaged Integrated Circuits

IQ-Analog has developed a complete family of digital transceivers featuring FULL BAND CONVERSION that span both the commercial and defense markets with leading edge performance in every category. Our transceivers currently outperform other commercial products by over a factor of 10x offering greater bandwidth and faster sample rates demanded of emerging radio and radar systems.
Our products all leverage on-shore CMOS manufacturing. 

our products

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