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We are ushering in a new era of


With over a decade of research and development, our novel DIGITAL DATA CONVERSION capability is at the core of a new class of fully integrated digital transceivers with unprecedented capabilities offered solely by IQ-Analog. 

DATA CONVERSION is the most critical function of modern radar and communication systems.
Our fundamental breakthrough is the use of
time-domain digital processing of analog signals resulting in 

Our novel technique, known as TRAVELING PULSE WAVE QUANTIZATION or TPWQ 
was developed to advance the capabilities of our nation's most powerful defense radar systems
with new unprecedented 
Full Spectrum Conversion™ capabilities. TPWQ unleashes
the unlimited flexibility of digital processing directly at the antenna ushering in a new era of 

software defined radar and radio platforms.

Traveling Pulse Wave Quantization is a radical new approach to high-performance analog-to-digital conversion (ADC). With TPWQ, analog signals are first converted from a conventional voltage signal to the time domain in a voltage-to-time conversion (VTC) step. The time-domain analog signal is then converted to a digital value in a time-to-digital conversion (TDC) step using
parallel digital processors. The end result is DIGITAL data conversion with unprecedented speed, efficiency, and scalability.

traveling pulse wave quantization (tpwq)


Our communication networks are in upheaval as the demand for ever greater data bandwidth has exhausted our current systems. Ensuring secure communications over wider and higher bandwidths in an increasingly complex spectrum environment is driving the need for software defined radios leveraging Full Spectrum Conversion™TPWQ addresses the fundamental bottleneck of high speed data conversion in commercial 5G networks, satellite communications, vehicular radar, and defense electronic warfare.

TPWQ addresses the fundamental bottleneck of high speed data conversion in commercial 5G networks.

Our semiconductor solutions leveraging Digital Data Conversion offer more bandwidth at dramatically lower power/Hz thereby reducing total cost of ownership of 5G networks.

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