We are ushering in a new era of Digital Antenna Processing.

With over a decade of research and development, our novel TIME-DOMAIN approach to high speed data conversion is at the core of a new class of integrated circuits performing digital antenna processing with unprecedented performance and power efficiency offered solely by IQ-Analog. 

Our new Antenna Processing Units (APUs) bring digital processing advantages closer to the antenna and promise to revolutionize commercial communications (5G) as we have done for military radar and communications using our radical new data conversion architecture known as TRAVELING PULSE WAVE QUANTIZATION or TPWQ.


Our state of the art antenna processors offer unique Full Spectrum Conversion™ capabilities which enable limitless flexibility for software defined radio+radar platforms.

Traveling Pulse Wave Quantization (TPWQ)

Traveling Pulse Wave Quantization is a radical new approach to high-performance analog-to-digital conversion (ADC).
With TPWQ, analog signals are first converted from a conventional voltage signal to the time domain in a voltage-to-time conversion (VTC) step. The time-domain analog signal, being a 2-level signal, is then converted to a digital quantity in a time-to-digital conversion (TDC) step digital parallel digital processors that operate at the maximum speed of the FinFET process. The overall result is data conversion with unprecedented speed and efficiency.


Our communication networks are in upheaval as the demand for ever greater data bandwidth has exhausted our current systems. Furthermore ensuring secure communications over wider and higher bandwidths in an increasingly complex spectrum environment is driving the need for software defined radios leveraging Full Spectrum Conversion™ coupled with Digital Beamforming.

TPWQ addresses the fundamental bottleneck of high speed data conversion in 5G networks.

Our Antenna Processors address Massive-MIMO and phased array antenna systems integral to sub-6 and mmWave 5G deployment. The TPWQ architecture has been shown to be  4X Faster and 10X Lower Power than conventional solutions from leading commercial providers.

IQ-Analog Patents:

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4X Faster

10X Lower Power

ENABLING the 5g revolution

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